Why Call An Animal Communicator?

Things We Can Do Together


We ask your pet how he or she is and also give you a chance to tell them things. I give you some tools to start learning to do a lot of this yourself! 

Would you like to communicate with and possibly locate a lost pet?

Are you not sure how to deal with a pet’s end of life issues or are you grieving a loss? 

Fairs In the Future!


I have a 60+-minute experience and will be on the look-out for future fairs and opportunities to give my animal communication workshop. discuss behavioral pet services and meet you!

More Recent Testimonials


Hi Zan,

Thanks for checking. We are back to our routine. Ollie has been better about going outside to eliminate. He has been using the pee pad more regularly as well.  For a few days after our session he used it during the night while we were sleeping.  He seems happy.

He hasn't bitten Bella again either. 

Thank you so much for talking to him. 

"Treat a person as he is, and he will remain as he is. Treat a person as if he were what he could be, and he will become what he could and should be."   Goethe  -From Carolina L. This family worked well together too!


Everything you sent /read was so perceptive and spot on for their personalities.  You are truly so gifted!  I really appreciate how much you go in depth and really reach them at their truest point!  Thank you again!

Love Elaine John and the fur




I volunteered to write this letter of Testimonial for Zan, (Alexandra Ottaway) because she has helped me in preparing for the most difficult task of knowing when the time is to call the vet when my cats age 16 and 17 one year part were ready to cross over.


Zan is supportive and resourceful, compassionate, kind, and sincere. Keeping an eye on things and keeping all the ducks in order during this most difficult and heart wrenching time. I particularly like the way that she is an advocate for the animals because I likewise want to do what my animal wants most. Times like this are life’s most difficult passages. Hope is always needed. I believe that you will feel very comfortable working with Zan, it will feel like reconnecting with a lifelong friend.




I Am Happy to Work With Rescues for Free


My husband was just never crazy about charging! 

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does my pet have to be in the room with me or can I call from work?

A: No your pet can be in another room or you can absolutely call from work.

Q: Do I call you or do you call me?

A: Please call me.

Q: I lost my pet. Can you tell me whether he is still alive or not?

A: No, but we can remain in communication. 

Email me at zottali@icloud.com to set up your session in advance and then call me at 413-301-3007

60-minute session of animal comunication


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Animal Communication

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30-minute Session


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Animal Communication

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